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Shu Shee Fish

(L)$13 (D)$17

Battered tilapia filet, deep fried and topped with a special stir-fried blend of spicy Shu Shee sauce, baby corn, onion and bell pepper.

Honey Shrimp


Deep fried, battered shrimp with a sweet honey sauce. Served atop steamed broccoli and baby corn.

Three Flavor Shrimp


Deep fried, battered shrimp, steamed broccoli, corn, house Three Flavor Sauce.

Ginger Rice


Crispy chicken, steamed white rice, garlic, ginger, house sweet & sour sauce.

Seafood Clay Pot


Classic claypot Delicacy, glass noodle, seafood.

Chicken Basil Country Style


Country ground chicken, holy basil, fried egg.

Spicy Beef Salad


Grilled marinated beef onions, cucumber, tomato, lime juice, fresh green salad.

Crispy Fish Salad


Crispy tilapia nugget, onions, chili lime dressing.

Thai Country E-San Set


Papaya salad, grilled chicken, grilled sausage, and sticky rice.


Crispy whole bass served with chef favorite three flavors sauce. (Market Price)

Healthy Dish

Lunch $8 | Dinner $11

Signature Garden

Steamed mixed vegetable served with peanut sauce .

Spicy Jungle

Stir-fried Tofu, Thai curry paste, carrots, broccoli, onions, green beans, snow peas, bamboo shoots, cabbage and bell peppers.

Thai Green Bean

Stir-fried green beans, carrots, and bell peppers in a light brown sauce.

Thai Eggplant

Stir-fried eggplant, carrots, bell peppers and sweet basil leaves in chef special sauce.

Amazing Tofu

Stir-fried Tofu with cashew nuts, broccoli, baby corn, carrots, onions and bell peppers.

Three Flavor Tofu

Golden fried tofu on a bed of steamed broccoli, snow peas, carrots and baby corn, generously ladled with our special sweet-spicy-sour sauce.

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